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Happy Black millennial couple showing keys to new house
24-02-22 by Osprey Property Management

How to Avoid Evictions and Keep a Tenant Happy Long-Term

There are a lot of things that go into being a successful landlord. However, one of the most important is ...

Notice of eviction of tenants hangs on the door of the house
10-02-22 by Osprey Property Management

The Eviction Process: What to Do After Serving a 30-Day Notice

If you are a property owner in Hampton and have served a 30-day notice to your tenant, you probably wonder ...

A notice of eviction of tenants hangs on the door of the house
20-01-22 by Osprey Property Management

Coastal Virginia: The Average Cost of Evicting a Tenant

There are several reasons why rental property owners may have to evict a tenant, whether for severe ...

Eviction notice document and toy house on the table
06-01-22 by Osprey Property Management

How To Serve an Eviction Notice the Right Way

Property owners who own rental properties need to understand the importance of serving eviction notices ...

Close up Businessman or agent giving house after signing agreement to buy house
23-12-21 by Osprey Property Management

Successful Property Management: Tips, Tricks, And Tools Every Landlord Needs

There are so many things that go into successful property management, but discipline is at heart Property ...

Keys and toy house on the table
09-12-21 by Osprey Property Management

10 Legal Things a Landlord Needs to Know

As a property owner, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date on the laws regarding your role. Many different ...