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A map of Virginia shows locations for out-of-state real estate investing
05-06-23 by Osprey Property Management

Should You Consider Out-of-State Real Estate Investing?

Investing in real estate is a tried and tested method of building wealth and securing financial stability. ...

A hand moves hands on a clock for the right time to hire a Norfolk property management company
29-05-23 by Osprey Property Management

When Should I Hire a Portfolio Property Management Company?

As a real estate investor, managing a growing portfolio can become a demanding and time-consuming task. While ...

Close up Businessman or agent giving house after signing agreement to buy house
25-05-23 by Osprey Property Management

Hampton Property Management: Tips, Tricks, and Tools Landlords Need

Published December 2021. Updated May 25, 2023. There are many things that go into successful property ...

The right real estate investing strategy helps investors build successful portfolios
22-05-23 by Osprey Property Management

Real Estate Investing Strategies You Can Count On

Real estate has long been hailed as a strategy that has stood the test of time when building wealth. However, ...

Successful real estate portfolio management requires the right insights
15-05-23 by Osprey Property Management

Virginia Beach Real Estate Portfolio Management: Tips for Growth

As you build and expand your real estate investment portfolio, it becomes increasingly important to develop ...

Learning how to list a rental property leads to better tenants.
11-05-23 by Osprey Property Management

6 Steps to Better Rental Property Listings and Tenants

Published July 22, 2022 Updated May 11, 2023 So, you've made the big jump to purchase an investment property. ...