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Happy young married couple hugging and receiving house keys from realtor
06-12-23 by Osprey Property Management

Guide on How to Manage a Rental Property

There are many tasks that a landlord needs to manage when renting out a property. These tasks can vary ...

Two people cheering while looking at their phone
04-12-23 by Osprey Property Management

A Resident Benefit Package That Boosts Your Property Returns

In real estate investing, savvy investors are always on the lookout for strategies to maximize their returns. ...

A man with a clipboard conducting a property inspection
27-11-23 by Osprey Property Management

The Importance of Property Inspections: Protecting Your Investment

Owning a property is a significant commitment, whether it's a personal residence or an investment venture. ...

A white, blue, and gold kitchen highlighting the hardware and furnishings
20-11-23 by Osprey Property Management

Rental Manager Tips: The Hard(ware) Lesson You Can Learn the Easy Way

When investing in rental properties, increasing the return on investment is always top of mind. While major ...

A notice of eviction of tenants hangs on the door of the house
16-11-23 by Osprey Property Management

The Average Cost of Evicting a Tenant in Coastal Virginia

There are several reasons why rental property owners may have to evict a tenant, whether for severe ...

A wooden house with maintenance tools around it.
13-11-23 by Osprey Property Management

How to Handle Rental Property Maintenance: A Guide for Property Owners

Owning and managing properties can be a rewarding venture, but it comes with its fair share of challenges. ...