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09-09-21 by Osprey Property Management

What to Include In a Virginia Beach Lease Agreement

What should landlords include in a lease agreement? If you're in the habit of downloading a free lease ...

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19-08-21 by Osprey Property Management

What Hampton Landlords Need To Know About Emotional Support Animals

What are emotional support animals (ESAs), and how do they differ from service animals? Property owners need ...

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05-08-21 by Osprey Property Management

How To Make Money Buying & Renting Properties In Suffolk, VA

Did you know there are a variety of ways to build wealth through real estate investments? While many property ...

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22-07-21 by Osprey Property Management

How to Find Success With Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

One of the biggest advantages of long-distance real estate investing is the ability to diversify your ...

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08-07-21 by Osprey Property Management

How to Have Fun Making Money Through Coastal Virginia Real Estate

Coastal Virginia is an excellent place to invest in real estate. However, if you're currently a real estate ...

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17-06-21 by Osprey Property Management

Top Books and Courses for Real Estate Investing Success

If you're looking to get into real estate investing, it's important to arm yourself with the best information ...