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What Landlords Should Know About Virginia Security Deposit Laws
06-07-23 by Osprey Property Management

What Landlords Should Know About Virginia Security Deposit Laws

Published May 2021. Updated July 6, 2023. In Virginia, landlords require security deposits as part of the ...

Renters insurance types on wooden blocks, rental management best practices concept
03-07-23 by Osprey Property Management

Rental Management: Should I Make Renters Insurance Mandatory?

Property owners often find themselves facing the question of whether or not to make renters insurance ...

Man handing cash as rental payment to real estate management companies
26-06-23 by Osprey Property Management

Rent Collection Tips: Should I Let My Tenant Prepay?

As a property owner, you may encounter one question from tenants: whether they can prepay their rent several ...

A couple getting a key for a rental home, being a landlord concept.
22-06-23 by Osprey Property Management

Our Expert Insights Into Being a Landlord in Newport News

Published November 2021. Updated June 22, 2023. Being a landlord can be very rewarding! However, it's not ...

LLC in wooden block letters, entity structures for real estate concept
19-06-23 by Osprey Property Management

Entity Structures: Which One Is Best For My Rental Properties?

When investing in rental properties, one of the most important decisions you must make is how to protect your ...

A young woman in a home, investment property management concept
12-06-23 by Osprey Property Management

Rental Property Management: Can I Choose Only Female Tenants?

Investment property management requires a landlord to make several important decisions, including tenant ...