What is an Owner Statement? Everything You Need to Know

Osprey Property Management   |   date March 2024

Whether you own a single rental property or a vast real estate portfolio in Hampton, VA, understanding your owner statement is essential. 

These financial reports, issued by rental property management companies, provide critical insights into your investment's performance. By understanding these reports and reviewing them regularly, you'll be up to speed on the progress of your properties and how they perform toward your long-term goals.

A company offering these statements to owners values a true partnership with a priority on transparency and connecting with you about your properties and long-term plans for each one. 

Whether you've seen these reports before or you're new to owner statements, this guide will help you navigate through your owner statement, breaking down its elements and demystifying its complexities.

The Importance of Owner Statements for Property Owners

As a property owner, the significance of well-organized, accurate, and timely information cannot be overstated. 

An owner statement acts as a compass guiding you through the labyrinth of property management. It is a financial report that encapsulates your property's financial health, helping you stay abreast of income, expenditures, and cash flows, thus enabling you to make informed decisions about your investment.

By deciphering the coded information in an owner statement, you can track your property's revenue, control costs, assess cash flows, and evaluate your investment's overall performance. This in-depth understanding will not only help in managing your current investments effectively but also in future planning and investment strategies.A man reading an owner statement

With the right management company, you may learn more about your properties than you ever thought possible if you previously managed them on your own! An excellent monthly statement dives deep into the financials for each property in your portfolio and is an excellent way to "check the pulse" of your properties and progress toward your goals. 

What is an Owner Statement?

An owner statement is essentially a performance report for your rental property. It is a meticulously detailed document that your property management company provides, reflecting income, expenses, and net earnings over a defined period.

A typical owner statement includes critical components such as rental income, which represents the total earnings from the property, often primarily from tenants' rent. Additionally, it contains detailed records of expenses, which may range from maintenance costs, property management fees, and insurance costs, to taxes, among other expenditures.

Another critical element is the property's net income, calculated by subtracting total expenses from total income. This figure is crucial as it paints a clear picture of your property's profitability.

Most rental property management companies provide these statements monthly, though the frequency can vary based on your agreement with the management company. Delivery is often digital, via email, or an online portal, but can also be in a hard copy form upon request.

Decoding the Financial Information

What do the numbers and categories mean in your statement? Each section of an owner statement presents crucial financial data about your property. Here's a more detailed look at these sections:

Rental Income

This section provides a detailed overview of the total income generated from your property. This often includes the rent from tenants, late fees, and income from amenities like laundry or parking facilities.

After reviewing this section of the report, you'll understand your on-time rental collection rate or if you have a problem tenant that is consistently late on their payments. 


The expenses section outlines the costs incurred in maintaining and operating your property. 

Expenses can vary from repair and maintenance costs, property management fees, insurance premiums, and property taxes to incidental costs. By understanding and managing these expenses, you can optimize your net income.

Your property manager should also be familiar with all expenses and suggest ways to reduce costs and optimize net income. These professionals are experts at analyzing numbers, improving efficiency, developing partnerships with vendors to reduce costs for owners, and finding areas where costs exceed anticipated expenses to course-correct. 

Having access to monthly spending also helps property owners build trust with a property management company. You'll see clearly how funds are spent and if your property manager is managing the budget well. 

Net Income

This figure represents your property's profitability, calculated by subtracting the total expenses from the total rental income. A positive net income indicates a profitable property, while a negative net income signals a loss.

Your property manager can check in with you to make sure your net income is on track. If costs increased one month vs. another, they'll walk you through what happened, how those costs impacted your income, and help you plan expenses to improve an income shortfall. 

When reviewing net income, you'll also have an idea if the rental amount is set properly. If your revenue is lower than expected, it could be time to reevaluate the monthly rent amount

Mastering these sections and their financial implications empowers you to effectively interpret and manage your income, expenses, and cash flow. This is an essential step in ensuring sound financial management of your property.

Understanding Property Performance

An owner statement serves as a roadmap to understanding your property's performance. It provides key performance indicators such as occupancy rates, rental income, and expenses.

  • Occupancy Rate: This reflects the demand for your property. A high occupancy rate signals a well-performing property, while a low rate (or high vacancy rate) may indicate issues that need addressing, such as high rent or property condition.

  • Rental Income and Expenses: These numbers give you an idea of your revenue and costs, respectively. Monitoring these over time allows you to identify trends, anticipate future performance, and make informed decisions.

Evaluating your property's performance effectively requires more than a snapshot of the current data. Comparing the present data with past performance, and taking into consideration external factors such as market trends, can offer a holistic understanding of your property's financial health.

Your property managers are an invaluable resource here! They can provide past performance insights, discuss factors that could be impacting current performance, and make experienced recommendations to improve or maintain property performance to track along with your goals. 

Common Challenges and Troubleshooting

Understanding owner statements can sometimes present challenges. Some property owners might face issues understanding financial jargon, finding discrepancies, or decoding complex financial data. However, it's important to remember that your property management company is your ally in such situations.

The best rental property management Hampton, VA, offers is more than willing to clarify complex terms, resolve discrepancies, and help you comprehend your owner statement thoroughly. They are your best resource for any confusion or uncertainties you might encounter.

A trusted property management partner provides these reports routinely to maintain transparency and open communication with property owners. Remember: you are still in the driver's seat! Your property manager is simply your resource to help you make informed decisions, understand costs, income, and performance for your rental properties, and ensure your goals and preferences are met. 

How Osprey Property Management Handles Owner Statements

The experts of Osprey Property Management believe in good communication with property owners. We deliver a monthly owner statement for each property, easily accessed at any time through your secure Owners Portal. Close-up of reviewing reports, rental property management Hampton, VA, concept

Our full financial and accounting services include: 

  • Detailed expense reports based on receipts and invoices

  • Maintaining historical records of invoices, leases, warranties, inspections, and more

  • Providing all required tax forms, including 1099

All of this information is accessible through your online portal. However, we don't expect property owners simply to read reports and consider them "informed." We're also available at a time convenient to you to review reports, check in on property progress, and discuss how we can exceed your expectations toward your financial goals. 

Understand Your Owner Statement With Experienced Property Managers

Understanding your owner statement is not just an additional task — it's an essential part of your role as a property owner. These statements offer invaluable insights into your rental property's performance, allowing you to monitor your income and expenses and gauge overall profitability effectively.

Mastering the art of decoding owner statements gives you a powerful tool for optimizing your investment. The insights you gain from these reports empower you to make informed decisions that can significantly impact your investment's performance.

Remember, even if the data seems complex, don't shy away from diving in. With Osprey Property Management as your property management company, we are always ready to assist — and we want you to understand the financial reports for your properties! By embracing this knowledge, you will be well-positioned to navigate the success of your rental properties in Hampton, VA, and ensure your property continues to deliver solid returns. 

So, if you have questions about these important reports, let us know! Or, if you're looking for property management experts that deliver the transparent, consistent owner statements you've been missing, reach out to learn more about this feature and our property management services. 

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