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person holding a house made of grass and plants
30-04-24 by Osprey Property Management

Sustainable Property Management: Eco-Friendly Practices for Landlords

Landlords today are tapping into sustainable property management to not only protect their investments but ...

long term versus short term concept
14-10-21 by Osprey Property Management

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Lease Agreements: What To Know

Property owners often have questions about using long-term lease agreements vs. short-term lease agreements. ...

Young woman holding cute siberian cat with green eyes
19-08-21 by Osprey Property Management

What Hampton Landlords Need To Know About Emotional Support Animals

What are emotional support animals (ESAs), and how do they differ from service animals? Property owners need ...

Hand writing the text Where to Invest
22-07-21 by Osprey Property Management

How to Find Success With Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

Updated July 9, 2022. One of the biggest advantages of long-distance real estate investing is the ability to ...