Suffolk Rental Property Management Tip: A Clean Property Boosts ROI

Osprey Property Management   |   date October 2023

Ensuring a maximum return on investment (ROI) is a top priority for property owners. 

While many consider large-scale property upgrades to boost the value and appeal of their property, there's an often-underestimated strategy that can yield significant results. The simple act of keeping your property impeccably clean can be one of the best ways to improve returns! 

Our Suffolk rental property management experts can tell you that cleanliness not only adds aesthetic value but can substantially elevate the marketability of a property. What do we mean by keeping a property clean — and does it really help you make more money? Keep reading to find out!

The Value of Cleanliness in Rental Management

Are we really saying that some cleaning products and elbow grease can improve your revenue from a rental property? We are! 

While just a little scrubbing isn't the full depth of operating clean properties that attract and keep long-term tenants, property owners should prioritize cleanliness when operating rental properties. 

Happy couple with moving boxes, keeping tenants longer with rental management companiesBoosting Property Value with Minimal Investment 

Cleaning, often seen as a basic chore, holds a lot of importance when enhancing property value. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and affordability.

While other strategies might entail extensive renovations or upgrades, the act of cleaning steers clear of these complexities. With a modest budget, property owners can tackle a cleaning spree, transforming the aesthetics and feel of the space. 

This doesn't just bring about superficial changes but induces a sense of freshness and positivity, essential attributes prospective tenants actively seek.

In the Suffolk, VA, rental market, where every detail matters, properties that gleam with cleanliness have a distinct edge. Such homes not only project a sense of care and maintenance but also resonate with the aspirational living standards of potential tenants. 

As a result, owners of pristine properties often find themselves in a position to set higher rental rates, ensuring a more profitable return on their investment while simultaneously attracting a broader pool of interested tenants.

Standing Out in the Crowded Market 

With numerous rental properties vying for attention, how does one ensure their property doesn't get lost in the shuffle? The answer lies in the cleanliness and presentation of the rental property. 

A well-maintained, immaculate property doesn't just look appealing—it speaks volumes about the landlord's commitment to providing a quality living experience. Such homes radiate a sense of welcome, comfort, and pride. In the eyes of potential tenants, the allure of a clean environment is undeniable. 

As they sift through multiple listings and conduct property visits, it's the homes that clearly demonstrate freshness and care that stand out. 

Cleaning is Easier Than You Think

The good news? If you're wondering how to clean rental property, it doesn't necessitate a significant investment or specialized skills. 

Utilizing basic supplies—such as old rags, a bucket, a sturdy brush, and a cleaning solution—can remarkably transform a space. If commercial cleaning products aren't to your preference due to their chemical components, consider DIY solutions. Recommendations, like those provided by Martha Stewart, have proven effective and simple to prepare. 

Homemade mixtures, adept at addressing challenges from pet stains to oven grime, can serve as an efficient alternative, providing effective results and ensuring the longevity and appearance of your space. It's an approach that champions sustainability while maintaining high cleaning standards.

The Critical Role of Carpet Cleaning 

Carpeted floors, along with their plush texture, come with the responsibility of proper maintenance. 

One of the challenges with carpets is their propensity to trap not just visible dirt but also allergens, microscopic particles, and lingering odors. Over time, these trapped elements can not only affect the health of the occupants but can drastically reduce the visual and sensory appeal of the home.

For many property owners, the decision on how best to clean carpets varies. Some landlords, particularly those keen on hands-on maintenance, might choose to rent steam cleaners. This method offers a decent level of cleanliness and can be more budget-friendly.

However, for those seeking a thorough, deep clean, property management companies can tell you that professional carpet cleaning services offer unmatched expertise. With their advanced tools and knowledge, they can extend the life of the carpet, ensuring it remains as pristine and luxurious as the day it was installed. Investing in professional cleaning maintains the carpet's appearance and contributes to a healthier living environment.

A person using a carpet cleaner, Suffolk rental property management tips to boost ROIWhen Should You Clean?

We're not suggesting you show up weekly or monthly to your rental property to clean it for your tenants. During a tenancy, your renters are responsible for keeping their homes clean. 

As a landlord, you must also be strategic about when and how you engage in property cleaning.

A property manager can tell you that an optimal time to implement a thorough cleaning is during the make-ready process after a tenant moves out. This period provides a window to address wear and tear, ensuring the property is in prime condition for the next tenant. It's also an ideal time to deep clean every surface, from carpets to window blinds and grout. 

Moreover, prospective renters touring a fresh, spotless property are more likely to be impressed, which can expedite the leasing process.

Additionally, it's a good practice to conduct a yearly inspection, even if you don't clean during these times. This allows you to gauge the condition of the property and ensure your tenants are upholding their end of the lease in terms of cleanliness and maintenance. Such proactive measures preserve the value of your investment and foster a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

A Property Management Company Cleans Everything

Taking the initiative to maintain your property's cleanliness is commendable. However, with busy schedules and numerous responsibilities, it's not always feasible for property owners to handle these tasks personally. That's where rental management companies, especially those with a stellar reputation like our team here at Osprey Property Management, come into play.

Companies delivering professional property management services have the resources, expertise, and commitment to ensure your property is consistently clean and in top-notch condition. By delegating the cleanliness and upkeep of your property to trusted property managers, you safeguard its appeal. Not only does this elevate the property's market value, but it also attracts high-quality renters who value and maintain the pristine condition of their homes.

Let Our Suffolk Rental Property Management Experts Keep Your Properties Clean and Profitable

While there are various strategies to enhance the ROI of your rental property, cleanliness is a foundational and simple step. It's an easy, affordable, and impactful way to ensure that your property remains a top contender in the market. 

With the support of our Osprey Property Management team, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your investment is being cared for and showcased in its best light. To learn more about how our property managers deliver the best services in the Suffolk area, reach out to our team!

You can also get more of our expert insights into boosting returns with our free resource, "10 Things You Should Do to Increase the ROI for Your Rental Property." Request a copy today!

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