How to Avoid Evictions and Keep a Tenant Happy Long-Term

Osprey Property Management   |   date February 2022

There are a lot of things that go into being a successful landlord. However, one of the most important is learning how to keep your tenants happy and in your property for the long term. Some landlords choose the short route and hire the best property management Suffolk has to offer, and others try to do it on their own—only to realize the amount of work and dedication it takes quickly.

For those of you who want to take on the property owner and manager role, this blog shows some tips on keeping your tenants as happy as a clam.

Evictions Are a Waste of Time and Money

That's just a simple reality. The average eviction can cost north of several thousand dollars when you factor in court and eviction attorney fees, damages, and other associated expenses. In addition, property owners lose money during the eviction process while tenants refuse to pay rent or the property is vacant.

After evicting a renter, a property owner also experiences costs for advertising and getting the property back into the market. Even when you've hired a property manager to take care of most of the process, you're still on the hook for a loss if you have to evict a tenant from your property.

How to Prevent Evictions

So, is there a better way to operate rental properties than dealing with bad tenants and evictions? Yes! Property managers can tell you that avoiding evictions is easier and kinder on your returns than unhappy renters and forced removals. 

In many cases, better tenant relationships, long-term renters, and eviction prevention boil down to being a good landlord. Below are some tips on keeping a tenant happy for the long term and avoiding evictions.

Fulfill Your Responsibilities as Detailed in the Lease

This might seem obvious, but it's essential to understand your role in the lease agreement. Depending on the terms of the rental agreement, you may be responsible for things like property maintenance, trash removal, or checking in on the property regularly. Make sure you're fulfilling all of your responsibilities so that your tenants don't feel you are taking advantage of the situation.

Be Proactive About Maintenance and Repair Issues

Another way to keep your tenants happy is to be proactive about maintenance and repair issues. Your tenants will get frustrated if you put off repairs or ignore maintenance issues. 

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Nobody wants to live in a property in disrepair, so make sure to take care of any problems as they come up. Remember, well-maintained properties are more likely to retain tenants and reduce vacancy rates!

Keep an Open Line of Communication

Your tenants should feel comfortable coming to you with any property-related problems or concerns. If you're not accessible or responsive, it can lead to a feeling of neglect that could eventually result in bad tenant behavior. 

Keep Rent Increases Within Reasonable Limits

Rent increases are inevitable, but property owners must ensure they’re not pushing tenants too far with significant increases at lease renewal. If you frequently increase the rent, your tenants will start looking for a more affordable place to live—even if they love your property. 

Try to keep rent increases reasonable, only make them when necessary to manage your expenses and ROI, and give your tenants plenty of notice so they can budget accordingly.

Offer Multiple Ways to Pay the Rent

Some tenants prefer to pay rent in person, while others like the convenience of paying online with a credit card. Offering multiple payment options makes it easier for renters to pay their rent on time, and it will also make you look more organized and professional. Plus, online payment systems make it easier for you to collect rent and track income. 

Be Proactive About Responding to Complaints 

As property owners, It's essential to be proactive about complaints and respond promptly and professionally. If a tenant has a legitimate concern, address it as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem or sweeping it under the rug can make matters worse and lead to unhappy renters. 

Hire a Property Manager to Keep Your Tenants Happy

Consider hiring a local property management company if you are a long-distance investor or don't have the time or energy to dedicate to your Suffolk rental property and being an involved landlord. All of the recommendations listed above are easily managed by a property manager as well as many others—including marketing your property, screening tenants, and collecting rent.

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A good property manager will work to keep your tenants happy and minimize the risk of eviction.

Partner With Osprey Property Management for Eviction Prevention

Osprey Property Management offers the best full-service property management Suffolk has to offer! We understand that every property is different, and we tailor our services to each client. With our help, property owners experience better tenants, longer tenancies, and fewer evictions. Reach out soon to learn more about how our property management services help keep tenants and owners happy!

Using our experience, we've compiled the “Rental Property Owner's Tenant Eviction Checklist.” Download it for free to learn more about the eviction process!


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