Announcing Our New Name: Osprey Property Management

Osprey Property Management   |   date June 2022

We’re excited to officially let the bird out of the bag! Today we announce that Lonnie Bush Property Management is now known as Osprey Property Management. 

While still delivering the same excellent property management services throughout the Coastal Virginia area, we’re proud to rebrand with a new name and logo to represent who we are and how we serve the community.

We’re the Same Leading Property Management Company

Founded by Lonnie Bush in 1999 (and known then as Lonnie Bush Property Management), we became one of the fastest-growing and highest-reviewed property management companies in Hampton Roads. Our service area grew to include Coastal Virginia, Virginia, and surrounding areas while maintaining our commitment to excellence when managing rental properties and helping investors thrive

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With our understanding of these markets, ideal rents, and how to get the most out of your investment property, our extensive tenant screening has proven to be what set us aside from the rest. Now, as Osprey Property Management, we bring all of that experience along with our new name to continue managing condos, apartment complexes, and single-family homes throughout the region. 

Why Osprey?

So, why did we change our company name to Osprey Property Management after establishing ourselves as Lonnie Bush Property Management? We wanted to relaunch as something recognizable within the region. If you’ve been in the Hampton Roads area for long, you’ve probably seen an osprey in action

We chose to align our vision with this well-known bird with excellent hunting skills to thrive on area beaches and waterfronts. Ospreys are also goal-oriented, which fits well with our commitment to making sure our property management services help property owners meet their goals for long-term investments! 

We hope our new name and longstanding experience and recognition in the region speak for everything we have to offer property owners in the Coastal Virginia area. While we’re still everything our former name established, we’re excited to see where our new name takes us and how we connect with more owners and tenants in our community!

We’re Here For You

Whether you need overall professional management or help with tenant screening services, we’re here for you! Plus, our Guaranteed Rent Program means you get paid whether we rent your property in 60 days or not. If you’ve never heard of this type of program before, you haven’t connected with the right Coastal Virginia property managers yet!

There’s no better team of property managers with the right combination of technology and market insights to help you build a successful rental property portfolio in this area. Not only do we offer comprehensive rental management services, but we also help real estate investors buy and sell properties throughout the Hampton Roads region. 

Reach Out to Learn More About Osprey Property Management Services!

As Lonnie Bush Property Management (and now as Osprey Property Management), we’re the leading experts in the industry throughout the Virginia Beach community. Our experts work hard so you can benefit from more passive rental property income! From finding quality tenants to keeping your rental properties well-maintained, collecting rent, and maximizing your returns, our team is ready to serve you. 

If you’re ready to try professional property management (or learn more about our company), reach out soon!

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